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IBM Security's New Application Visibility and Segmentation Solution — Powered by Illumio

Ransomware and other cyberattacks pose a real and continuous threat to organizations of every size, across every industry. According to research by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 76% of organizations were hit by ransomware in the last two years alone.

Let's face it: The likelihood of a breach is certain, and assuming breach is the best place to begin when designing security controls.

Enterprises cannot afford to be in endless cycles of detection, response, and recovery that constantly impact operations and productivity. They need to focus on cyber resilience via security capabilities that will allow them to limit the impact of these events and ensure reasonable operations can be maintained while the compromised systems are recovered.

Organizations must focus on containing breaches before they happen and stopping their ability to spread across networks.

Build a Zero Trust strategy with IBM Security's new Application Visibility and Segmentation (AVS) services

It's for this reason that IBM Security is launching Application Visibility and Segmentation (AVS) services as a way to enable a Zero Trust strategy for its customers.

With AVS, clients can leverage IBM's security services expertise and IBM X-Force Protection Platform to manage existing workloads, enforcement policies, and changes in applications across environments.

This offering, powered by the Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) Platform, will allow IBM's customers to benefit from the following use cases to help secure their environments:

  • Application visibility and ransomware resilience
  • Environmental separation
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • High-value asset protection

To find out more about this exciting offering, watch the IBM Webcast here.

ZTS delivers visibility and segmentation to stop lateral movement

Cyber actors today use a range of tactics to execute an attack - and being able to limit one or more of these is fundamental to limiting their success.

Among these, network discovery and lateral movement allow attackers to map out the target territory and then progress the attack to the next resource. By being able to detect (and limit network discovery) and control what lateral movement is possible, organizations can significantly reduce the impact of a breach and nullify an attacker, as they quite literally have nowhere to go. This is the goal of ZTS.

The capabilities that make ZTS successful can be divided into 2 parts:

  • Application visibility: Complete visibility across all interactions between all resources, regardless of the resource type or the underlying infrastructure.
  • Segmentation: Restrict access between resources so that, at a minimum, organizations can block known bad behavior and, as the deployment matures, only permit known good access.

By leveraging these capabilities and a process of continuous, measurable progress, organizations can establish ever-increasing levels of resilience as they move from a reactive - detect and respond - approach of handling a breach to a proactive - focus on containment and maintain operations - approach.

Every organization is a cyberattack target - and ZTS ensures cyber resilience

As the data shows, organizations of every size, vertical, and sophistication are targets of cyberattacks, whether they are in the financial services industry with core banking systems under threat, a healthcare organization offering critical patient services, or energy and utilities that deliver the services that are essential for society to function.

And similarly, ZTS is necessary for these same organizations to better protect their infrastructure, help them contain breaches, and improve their cyber resilience. ESG found that organizations using ZTS:

  • Save $20.1M in annual downtime costs
  • Free up 39 person-hours each week
  • Avert 5 cyber disasters each year

We're excited to see how IBM's new Application Visibility and Segmentation services provide results like this to their customers. Join us for the IBM Webcast to learn more.

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