Zero Trust Segmentation for Dummies

Zero Trust Segmentation contains the spread of breaches and ransomware across the hybrid attack surface, keeping your business moving forward despite inevitable breaches.

76% of organizations experienced a ransomware attack in the last 2 years alone.

Breaches are inevitable – and traditional prevention and detection technologies aren’t enough to stop them.

When breaches happen, you need Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) to stop their spread through the network and ensure they don’t become business disasters.

Download Zero Trust Segmentation for Dummies to get a practical guide that covers:

  • Why it's no longer realistic to prevent or detect all breaches
  • What the new era of breach containment means for your organization
  • How ZTS helps you see cyber risk, set granular security policies, and isolate critical assets

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Assume Breach.
Minimize Impact.
Increase Resilience.

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