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Government cybersecurity leaders discuss Zero Trust and application segmentation

6 Expert Recommendations on Zero Trust for Government Agencies

Get the 6 key recommendations from the recent GovExec webinar on implementing Zero Trust and application segmentation.

A carving of an eagle at the United States capitol

What You Need to Know About the New National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan

Get Illumio Federal CTO Gary Barlet's takeaways on the U.S. government's new implementation plan.

Gary Barlet, Federal Field CTO at Illumio

4 Cybersecurity Essentials Every Federal Agency Should Be Implementing

Learn why cybersecurity leaders are emphasizing the necessary shift towards a Zero Trust mindset to adapt to new threats.


Where Does Zero Trust Segmentation Slot Into CISA's New Zero Trust Maturity Model?

Get insight into how CISA's updated Zero Trust Maturity Model will help federal agencies better achieve their cyber resilience objectives.


Illumio Achieves Common Criteria Designation

Illumio’s Common Criteria IT security designation—validation from a government-certified third party—positions it to support new global public sector markets.

Gerald Caron Shares 5 Zero Trust Insights for Federal Agencies

Gerald Caron, former CIO at the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, discusses Zero Trust insights and implementing cybersecurity at government agencies.

Why Cyber Disasters Are Still Happening — And How to Fix It

Get insight from Gary Barlet, Illumio Federal CTO, on why decades of trying to prevent and detect direct attacks by adversaries – and failing – means it's time to shift the focus to containment.

Illumio is "In Process" on the FedRAMP Marketplace

What Illumio's new FedRAMP in-process designation means for the FedRAMP marketplace.

7 Reasons Why the Federal Sector Should Choose Illumio for Micro-Segmentation

A tempting target for hackers of all types, here’s why the Federal sector should choose Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation for micro-Segmentation cybersecurity.

3 Challenges Federal Agencies Face When Implementing Modern Cybersecurity

The U.S. federal government collects the personal information of almost every citizen. And federal agencies hold valuable data, some of which could put the country in danger if it was released.

Operationalizing the Biden Administration's Cybersecurity Executive Order with Zero Trust

Ready to operationalize President Biden's cybersecurity executive order with Zero Trust? Read this blog to find out how.

What President Biden’s New Security Policy Means for the Future of Cyber

The Biden Administration just cemented its legacy in cybersecurity policy with a sweeping Executive Order aimed at improving the resilience and reducing the risk of the United States Government.

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Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) protects data, builds resilience, and achieves compliance in the public sector.

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