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New generation firewalls being integrated into a microsegmentation environment

Exploring the Use of NGFW Functionality in a Microsegmentation Environment

Learn more about Illumio's research on the possibilities of implementing NGFW features in a microsegmentation environment.

Next generation firewalls have challenges with network complexity

The History – and Challenges – of Next-Generation Firewalls

Learn about the impetus of next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), their challenges with complexity, and possible future innovation.


AI Shouldn’t Be Trusted: Why Understanding That Can Be Transformative

Learn why Illumio's CTO and co-founder believes the AI "tech boundary" is smaller than it appears – and how that informs the ways we use AI.


Kubernetes Cluster I/O Is a Big Mess – But Help Is on the Way

Learn about Kubernetes cluster I/O proliferation and the efforts being made to simplify the landscape.

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