Ben Verghese

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Ben oversees the technology innovation and security strategy for Illumio. Previously, he served as Chief Architect and Senior Vice President of Engineering, where he set the near- and long-term technology and architectural vision for Illumio. Prior to Illumio, Ben was Vice President of Engineering and Chief Management Architect at VMware. During his 13-year tenure at VMware, he was part of the ESX Server product founding team, led and delivered the VirtualCenter product from its inception, and led a number of the company’s strategic engineering initiatives.

In his career, Ben has spanned product development and research in networking, operating systems, and computer architecture at HP, Apollo Computers, DEC Research, and Compaq. Ben has a BS from IIT Madras, an MS from Cornell University, and a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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Announcing Illumio’s New Engineering Center: Toronto
Illumio Culture

Announcing Illumio’s New Engineering Center: Toronto

When you empower an engineering team to create their own culture based on innovation, thought leadership, independence and responsibility, it drives a powerful dynamic.

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