Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation May 26, 2021

Announcing Illumio’s New Engineering Center: Toronto

Ben Verghese, Vice President of Engineering

When you empower an engineering team to create their own culture based on innovation, thought leadership, independence and responsibility, it drives a powerful dynamic. For over eight years, Illumio has been building that kind of organization in Silicon Valley. Now, we are ready to expand.

After extensive research and consideration, we have determined that Toronto, as a collaborative, future-looking, tech hub, is exactly where we belong.

As Illumio’s growth accelerates, we want to ensure that growth continues in the right places, tech centers that will allow our unique culture to thrive. We want to ensure we can continue to bring on the diversity of talent that has made us who we are today. By anchoring our second engineering center in the Greater Toronto Area, we will build on our culture of innovation—driven by people with different perspectives, backgrounds and educations. Not to mention people who are familiar with seasons other than the perpetual springtime of us mild-weathered Californians.

Those who join us now will have the opportunity to represent the leader in Zero Trust security, as a founding Toronto engineer. These individuals will pave the way for Illumio Toronto and play a critical role in establishing a center of excellence for the region. Like other Illumio engineers, they will have the opportunity to work on a technology stack that ranges from operating systems to distributed applications to UI and visualization.

We have a long history of outstanding relationships with colleges and universities; internships, hiring graduates, mentoring and growing them into leaders. We have had the privilege of hosting graduates and students from the Greater Toronto area in our Silicon Valley headquarters and they have always thrived within our culture. Our intern program and graduate hiring remain core to Illumio engineering and that will continue with all the top-notch institutions in the greater Toronto area.

We have ambitious plans for Illumio’s expansion in North America and have recently hired new sales team members to support our strategies for the region. Illumio Toronto will join our other global locations in Sydney, Singapore, Reading, New York, Seattle and others. All of this positions us to offer our customers more security, with greater flexibility, and less complexity, in a time when the world faces its greatest cybersecurity threats in history. Come join us on this mission to make the digital world a safe place.

I and the rest of the Illumineer team are excited for Illumio Toronto to become a part of that story and for this significant step of establishing our presence in this remarkable community.

Interested in joining our growing Toronto-based team? Check out job openings here.

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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