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Inside Illumio Values: Bring Your Best

Team Illumio, Editorial Staff

Wondering what it’s really like to work at Illumio? This series, written by employees, drills down into Illumio’s core values. Hear from Nicole Wright, Executive Assistant, about how we've created organizational resilience.

In 2019, we announced our values at our annual Illumineer conference, Onwards! We shared the six aspirational drivers that remain core to our culture and practices.

One of those values was: Bring Your Best. Unless there’s a global pandemic...

Actually, it’s just: Bring Your Best.

Illumio designed our values to supersede circumstances, market dynamics, and all outside forces. Which means, when our entire workforce operating model turned upside-down within a matter of weeks, this team found a way to rise above the upheaval and stay focused.

I joined Illumio two years ago and have witnessed firsthand how an organization can bring their best, despite the worst happening all around them. Illumio did not force outdated solutions to unprecedented challenges, nor did they try to give quick answers or impersonal platitudes. Instead, we leveraged our values, double-downed on our commitment to excellence across operations, became more intentional in showing and expressing care, and increased our responsiveness on collaborative platforms. We also started the hard work of finding a balance between taking the time that people needed to disconnect and supporting our customers during a year that marked an exponential increase in cybersecurity attacks.

Previously, in my role at Sun Microsystems, I had worked in a culture where everyone executed at an extremely high level. At Sun, a team of exceptional people showed up and did their best work—and their best in a week exceeded most people’s best in a month. That’s how it is here at Illumio as well. I see the same excellence demonstrated day-in-and-day-out by my fellow Illumineers. We bring our best because we know that the next person will deliver more than their fair share and that brings out in us more than we knew was possible.

I made my decision to join Illumio with great objectivity and forethought, knowing that I would join a team of people with goals and values similar to myself. People who, when they decide to go all-in with an organization, won’t dial-down their passion or commitment. Now, I get to see that proved out every day, as we exceed goals and expectations despite the challenges around us.

If you would like to learn more about what it’s like to work here at Illumio, check out or visit our Before You Apply Page for videos with our team.

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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