Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation July 31, 2020

Better Endpoint Protection with CrowdStrike and Illumio Edge

Andrew Rubin, Chief Executive Officer and Founder

We are excited to announce that as of today, Illumio Edge, our Zero Trust endpoint solution, is now available via Illumio, as well as in the CrowdStrike Store, activated via the CrowdStrike Falcon agent.

We launched Illumio Edge, our second product, delivering on the need for organizations to protect against ransomware, malware and attacks that successfully move laterally between endpoints. Security teams need a solution that complements their EDR and EPP tools so when ransomware or malware inevitably gets in, it is stopped at the first endpoint. When one endpoint infects many, it can often dismantle an entire organization. Illumio Edge brings Zero Trust to the endpoint by blocking all lateral communications, except for peer-to-peer traffic designated as permissible by the organization.

For Illumio, everything starts with our customers and what is best for them and their security. As we think about everything from our products to our partnerships, the customer is our guiding force. We strongly believe that great integrations allow the customer to say that one plus one equals more than two, and that is exactly what our partnership with CrowdStrike delivers. Illumio Edge with Falcon allows organizations to put complementary security controls together to better protect their endpoints, without delivering a single piece of additional software. Illumio Edge gives organizations endpoint visibility they have never had before, enabling them to write and test policy and then move to Zero Trust enforcement with confidence and with no impact on productivity.

Of course, for a partnership to be successful, it needs to be valuable and strategic for both partners. For Illumio, CrowdStrike was the only partner to enter the endpoint security space with, given their customer-centric focus and their view of Falcon as a platform, not a point security solution. We strongly believe that they have the most modern, cloud-enabled, and robust security offering in the EDR /NGAV market. The combination of the market leader in endpoint protection and the market leader in Zero Trust is a very strategic partnership indeed!

Although all security starts with trying to prevent the infiltration of malicious actors, in today’s world there is substantial evidence (unfortunately, in the form of breach after breach) that proves we cannot prevent these incidents 100% of the time. The minute an endpoint is infected, it is going to end in one of two ways: it is either going to be the only endpoint infected, or that endpoint will be the jumping off point from which an attacker or threat can move laterally to infect dozens, hundreds or thousands of other endpoints. There is no way to prevent the spread of something like ransomware if you do not have lateral controls in place. The first endpoint infected should always be the last endpoint infected…and that’s what Illumio Edge with CrowdStrike delivers.

CrowdStrike protects the endpoint and Illumio Edge protects endpoints from each other. When you couple those two security controls together, it’s an incredibly powerful way to keep your endpoint estate safe and resilient. Finally, Zero Trust is possible on the endpoint.

Please check out Illumio Edge, available in the CrowdStrike store today.

And for more information, read our solution brief on Illumio Edge for CrowdStrike.

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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