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Illumio Pet Patrol: Meet 10 of Our Cybersecurity Pawfessionals

At Illumio, we understand that our pets aren’t just animals; they're family. In fact, Illumio has a dog-friendly office policy that reflects our commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone – including our pets – can thrive together.

One of the most important parts of Illumio’s pet-friendly atmosphere is Pet Patrol, an Illumio employee group and message board which welcomes pets of all kinds. Members share their cutest pet pics and get advice from fellow owners. With team members working around the world, Pet Patrol has become its own community that brings Illumineers together around the love for our animal friends!

We asked Pet Patrollers (both employees and their pets!) to share more about the important role their pets play in their daily life. Keep reading to hear from 10 of our pawfessionals and their owners!

Daniel Sullivan + Benson

Daniel Sullivan, vice president of regional services, enjoys taking advantage of Illumio’s dog-friendly office policy. He brings his 10-year-old Kerry Blue Terrier, Benson, to Illumio’s Reading, U.K. office.  

Benson makes sure to dress up with a polka dot bowtie when he goes to Illumio's Reading, U.K. office.

Benson has become the “official office dog” in Reading, spending most of his day “being super cute and soliciting attention from everyone and anyone.”

According to Benson, he likes to sleep under Daniel’s desk but occasionally escapes to another Illumineer’s desk for a cuddle. “It’s more for them than for me, honest!,” Benson explained.

Apart from getting pets and making friends in the office, Benson’s other interests are belly rubs and treats. “I speak two languages fluently...dog and treats!,” he said.

Matt Damon + Barney and Shenn

Matt Damon, technical alliances sales director, is the “coolest dog dad” to two Weimaraner dogs, Barney and Shenn. Matt enjoys taking the pups on adventures every weekend, including swimming and hiking, and sharing photos of their travels with friends and family online.

Photogenic Weimaraner pups Barney (left) and Shenn (right) use their cuteness to get adventures and treats out of their owner Matt.

Even during the workday, Barney and Shenn said that they still get “lots of attention and fuss” – but only when their dad isn’t “looking at his type-y thing.”

Matt is also passionate about dog nutrition. He runs a Facebook page that helps other pet owners learn about the advantages of a healthy, species-appropriate diet. Everything Barney and Shenn eat is fresh and handmade. According to the Weimaraner pair, Matt makes “amazing blueberry and kefir ice cubes and a seasoning powder from chia, flax, and pumpkin seeds with turmeric and eggshells.”

Melody Scheidler + Ike

Melody Scheidler, senior product marketing manager, says that her sassy 5-year-old Chihuahua Mix, Ike, is the “best-ever officemate.” When he’s not protecting the house in Bark Mode, he’s melting hearts with his adorable underbite.  

Ike's smile might be awkward, but his owner Melody assures us that he's very charming.

“He enjoys napping in my lap while I work,” Melody said. “He keeps me company as a remote employee.”

According to Ike, he’s responsible for managing Melody’s day-to-day workflow. “I make sure she stays seated and holding me until the job is done. I occasionally pop my head up on Zoom calls to ensure that performance is meeting expectations.”

Best of all is that Ike said he’s become a cybersecurity expert from spending so much time helping Melody with her work. “I love learning about how Illumio protects organizations with Zero Trust Segmentation!” he said.

Adam Aragon + Gatsby, Tachi, Tako, and Whispur

Though Adam Aragon works remotely as Illumio’s senior web strategy manager, he spends the day with a full house of four furry friends. He works alongside two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, Gatsby and Tachi, and two cats, Tako and Whispur.

Adam says his Cavalier Spaniels Gatsby (left) and Tachi (right) are very affectionate and attached to their humans.
Tako's (left, Scottish Fold) and Whispur's (right, Ragdoll) names reflect their breeds' special (and adorable) features.

“It helps a lot to be able to be around them most of the day,” Adam said. “They are a constant source of amusement, comfort, and fun. Being able to have them by my side while I’m working is a huge boon for me.”

The four pets agreed that being part of Adam’s workday was the best. “We get upset if they leave the room – let alone the house!,” they explained. “Luckily, our owner gets to work from home, so he’s always available to play with, hang out on, and to give treats and pets.”

Priscilla Braga + Johnny and Cherry

For Priscilla Braga, senior field marketing manager, her two Yorkshire pups, Johnny and Cherry, are her companions all day long while she’s working. “They will only leave the room if I do!,” she said.

Though Priscilla did say she's not always sure Johnny's and Cherry's intentions are genuine when they wait around on her to finish up work. She shared a GIF of the pair and asked: "Do you think this is love or food?"

They’re also an important part of her family’s life. “We decided to welcome them due to my daughter’s condition – she’s autistic,” Priscilla explained. “They have brought so much life and energy to the house.”

As part of Illumio’s team in Brazil, having Johnny and Cherry with her at work help make Priscilla feel even more part of the team. “I’m so happy and glad to know that Illumio embraces our pets,” Priscilla said. “It means a lot!”

Learn more about our pet-friendly culture and other perks of being an Illumineer.

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