Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation September 13, 2022

An Improved Approach to Building a Cyber Resilient System with Illumio & New IBM LinuxONE Servers

Team Illumio, Editorial Staff

On September 13, 2022, IBM announced the IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 – a highly secured and sustainability focused enterprise-grade Linux-based server designed for companies of all sizes. It can help clients to build a secure, resilient and scalable infrastructure with the openness of the Linux operating system. Businesses can benefit from the variety of open standards applications and rich ecosystem of industry-leading solutions available on IBM LinuxONE to modernize applications, data and processes with modern DevSecOps.

Reaching an all-time high, the cost of a data breach averaged USD 4.35 million in 2022, a 2.6% increase from last year. Not surprisingly, security system complexity, cloud migration, and compliance challenges are among the top three factors associated with the highest net increase in the average cost. As organizations accelerate their digital transformation efforts, the need for hybrid cloud systems is proliferating. In this hyper-connected complex environment, data, applications, and processes are increasingly prone to IT security (ransomware and data theft) and compliance risk. Additionally, in recent years, regulated industries have seen significant changes and strictness in compliance framework (e.g., CMCC, PCI DSS) to improve control.

As a part of the IBM Ecosystem, Illumio on IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 is designed to empower organizations to modernize security by addressing cyber risks at both the hardware and software layers of the stack, helping to protect mission-critical workloads and most sensitive data from ransomware and cyberattacks.

Illumio provides a proven, industry-leading zero trust solution for businesses to isolate cyberattacks and contain ransomware from spreading across the hybrid attack surface:

  • Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation provides a consistent approach to micro-segmentation to help businesses protect workloads, data and devices by providing full visibility to security risks, by isolating attacks at the point of entry, and by taking proactive actions to contain ransomware and cyberattacks.
  • IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 helps businesses to focus on building a highly resilient system with privacy and protection of data and applications at the forefront. With pervasive encryption built into the silicon, data is protected not only in-flight or at rest, but also when the data is in use.

“The launch of IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 introduces a server engineered to significantly improve system resilience and security on infrastructure that is already highly scalable, resilient, and secured. Illumio on IBM LinuxONE helps businesses to protect against cyberattacks and contain ransomware from spreading across hybrid cloud environment,” said Joel Bauman, SVP of Corporate and Business Development at Illumio, “We are excited to help companies secure these critical assets.”

“A zero trust strategy is critical to successful hybrid cloud adoption. In partnership with Illumio, IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 is a central piece of a highly scalable and integrated hybrid cloud motion,” added Michael Jordan, CTO of IBM zSystems Security.

More information on IBM LinuxONE Emperor 4 and Illumio can be found at the following links:

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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