Zero Trust Segmentation

Zero Trust for the New World

Much has changed since our CTO PJ Kirner last sat down with Forrester’s Dr. Chase Cunningham to discuss strategies for getting started with Zero Trust (if you missed that video, check it out here).

While the remote work movement is nothing new, the shift to a work-from-anywhere workforce means a new wave of security concerns for users and employers alike. A Zero Trust approach to security, with Zero Trust Segmentation as a foundational component, is more relevant than ever.

PJ and Chase reunited (from their respective coasts) to check in on how Zero Trust priorities have evolved in the past year and more recently. Tune in to the video to hear about:

  • Key lessons learned from Zero Trust deployments
  • How Zero Trust priorities are evolving to address the realities of our new world
  • Why it’s time to extend Zero Trust and micro-segmentation to the endpoint

Don't miss:

[2:31] What we can learn from early Zero Trust implementations
[5:42] How Illumio customers are executing micro-segmentation for Zero Trust  
[10:12] Why use micro-segmentation to mitigate ransomware
[13:13] How to use Zero Trust to secure remote work environments
[16:32] What to look for in a Zero Trust solution
[20:56] How to extend Zero Trust micro-segmentation to the edge

“[Organizations] have to approach the problem differently. And the way that they do is they understand: My enterprise was relatively secure before. I thought I had a handle on it, I knew what I needed to take care of. Now I have this endpoint issue, so I have to find a way to bridge between those two things and take care of my users in the wilds of the internet and my core infrastructure. So if you can do those two things and you can apply the same controls at both areas with the same efficacy, you’re enabling Zero Trust.” – Dr. Chase Cunningham

To learn more, check out our page on Zero Trust security.

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