Illumio 101

Illumio Core in action

18-Minute Demo

During this session, our expert will walk you through Illumio Core and show you how to stop ransomware in minutes using Zero Trust Segmentation.

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See risk: Gain rapid visibility across environments and find traffic you didn’t know existed.

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Achieve ROI quickly: Build cyber resilience in minutes by immediately blocking ports commonly used by ransomware to propagate.

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Meet critical business requirements: Easily prove segmentation for compliance mandates, such as PCI DSS, or cyber insurance needs.

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Demo expert

Melody Scheidler

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Melody Scheidler is a Senior Product Marketing Manager focused on amplifying how Illumio Core’s Zero Trust Segmentation stops breaches from spreading. Melody has expertise in ITSM, endpoint management, microsegmentation, and Zero Trust. Melody’s extensive background in implementation and solutions engineering fuels a customer-first mindset in all her work.

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