NIBE Extends Zero Trust Segmentation to Endpoint Devices with Illumio to Dramatically Reduce Cyber Risk

Global manufacturing group to protect over 6,000 endpoint devices with Illumio Endpoint

Sunnyvale, CA – October 31, 2023Illumio Inc., the Zero Trust Segmentation company, today announced that the NIBE Group, a global group that manufactures intelligent, energy-efficient heating solutions, is protecting thousands of devices with Illumio Endpoint to reduce risk and strengthen resilience. NIBE is making a broader shift to a Zero Trust strategy to protect its environment, data, and operations from inevitable threats and is prioritizing Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) because ZTS is a critical piece of any Zero Trust initiative.

The manufacturing industry is going through significant transformation. As manufacturers race to the efficiency gains industrial IoT offers, the number of systems and devices connecting to the network is increasing and so are the risks of a breach from those devices. Ransomware attacks on the sector are rising rapidly and manufacturing is now the most targeted by cybercriminals, according to IBM Security’s 2023 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index. With Illumio Endpoint, NIBE is proactively reducing risk and preventing breaches from spreading by limiting the movement of cyberattacks from the company’s most vulnerable devices – its endpoints.

NIBE already uses Illumio Core to visualize all traffic and restrict unnecessary communications across its servers. Now with Illumio Endpoint, NIBE is extending ZTS to end-user devices to limit and control communication between devices and ensure that any attack can be isolated to a single device, even before it’s detected. Illumio Endpoint will work alongside NIBE’s existing Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution. A Bishop Fox emulation proved that Zero Trust Segmentation stops attacks from spreading in 10 minutes, nearly 4 times faster than detection and response capabilities alone.

“One of our greatest concerns in manufacturing is a cyberattack that spreads to compromise critical data or operations, or even to reach other organizations that are part of our group – so Zero Trust Segmentation became an urgent priority for the business,” said Fredrik Olandersson, Network Administrator at NIBE. "We started by segmenting our server network with Illumio Core and it was an easy decision to extend Zero Trust Segmentation to our endpoint devices. Adding Illumio Endpoint amplifies our investment while also strengthening our security posture. It’s been simple and quick to deploy Illumio ZTS across our environments and now we have the confidence that we can scale while also building resilience.”

“Risks to manufacturers are rising as attackers shift tactics from stealing data to causing disruption. Despite increasing investment in traditional security solutions, breaches remain inevitable, and their initial point of entry is often at the endpoint,” said Adrian Crawley, Regional Vice President of Sales for EMEA at Illumio. “By deploying Zero Trust Segmentation across endpoint devices, NIBE is rapidly strengthening its resilience and reducing risk across its environment.”

Illumio Endpoint reduces the impact of breaches through proactive endpoint segmentation on end-user devices to prevent attackers or ransomware from propagating. It proactively manages communication between endpoints changing segmentation policies depending on the location of the device, making it simple to deploy at scale.

More information on how NIBE is using Illumio Core to build cyber resilience can be found here, and information on how Illumio Endpoint can extend Zero Trust to endpoint devices here.

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