Real-time healthcare device visibility, inventory, and data enrichment

IoT and OT cybersecurity. Reimagined.

Cylera is the next-generation IoT and OT cybersecurity solution for asset visibility, management, risk analysis, and threat detection. By integrating Cylera with the Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation solution, it is now possible to gain unified visibility and control of your devices, applications, and systems across IoT, OT, and IT networks.

Through an interactive map, instantly see traffic flows and security vulnerabilities in real-time. With a couple of clicks, implement policies to protect both IT workloads and IoT/OT systems from lateral attacks.

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    Featured AWS partner

    The 2023 Cloud Security Trends ebook from SANS and AWS features Illumio as a “highly capable” solution for Zero Trust and cloud security.

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    Illumio and AWS podcast

    Hear Illumio and AWS leaders discuss Zero Trust’s role in cybersecurity, securing your cloud migration, evolving threats in the cloud, and more.

  • Illumio and AWS GuardDuty

    Discover how the combined capabilities of AWS GuardDuty and Illumio ZTS remediate malicious anomalous traffic and enhance resilience.

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Want to learn more about Illumio and Cylera?

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