Forrester Consulting Study: Trusting Zero Trust

A recent study from Forrester Consulting found widespread interest in Zero Trust security but a need for better microsegmentation.

The growth of ransomware and work-from-anywhere employment has created vastly greater security risks. In response, organizations have turned to Zero Trust and microsegmentation. But many are still in the planning and pilot stages.

A new Forrester Consulting study “Trusting Zero Trust” (commissioned by Illumio) explores the roadblocks and opportunities organizations face in deploying Zero Trust security. The study highlights the crucial role that microsegmentation can play in building better security through Zero Trust.

In this Forrester study, you will learn about:

  • The critical role of microsegmentation in establishing Zero Trust security controls
  • The key challenges faced by organizations, including a lack of expertise and organizational support
  • The critical need to identify the right Zero Trust Segmentation pilot projects
  • The imperative to move faster with Zero Trust efforts to keep up with rapidly evolving security threats

Download the study to learn more about how organizations are using microsegmentation to accelerate their adoption of Zero Trust security.

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