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Illumio Mesh provides personalized data and insights into your endpoints and servers

Little-Known Features of Illumio Core: Analyzing Network Flows With Mesh

Learn how Mesh shows multiple data dimensions at once to provide a clearer picture of how each data point interacts with its environment.

Illumio Core SOAR platforms integrations, including IBM, Splunk, and Palo Alto Networks

Little-Known Features of Illumio Core: SOAR Platforms Integrations

Learn how Illumio Core's integrations with third-party SOAR platforms ensures new and unknown malware can't spread through your network.

Integrating Visibility and Rule Creation for Efficient Workload Security

Workload security has two broad requirements: visibility and enforcement.

New Updates to Illumio Core Accelerate Zero Trust Security

Updates to Illumio Core will accelerate your organization's path to Zero Trust Security. Learn more in this blog post.

How HGC Protects Global Network with Zero Trust Microsegmentation

HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) is a Hong Kong-based leader in the telecommunications industry, offering security consulting services.

Little Known Features of Illumio ASP – Policy Compute Engine Certificate Checks

In this quick series, the Illumio product management team will highlight the lesser known (but no less powerful) features of Illumio ASP.

Little Known Features of Illumio ASP – Log Export to Amazon S3 Buckets

An overview of how to perform a log export to Amazon S3 buckets as well as the data captured by S3 bucket logs.

The Evolution of Adaptive Segmentation

Illumio’s initial innovation around the Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) came to address those challenges directly. Some key foundational elements were identified that would allow us to build our solution:

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Illumio Core Overview

Get insight into Illumio Core key benefits and features.

Assume Breach.
Minimize Impact.
Increase Resilience.

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