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Gerald Caron Shares 5 Zero Trust Insights for Federal Agencies

authorRaghu Nandakumara, Senior Director, Head of Industry Solutions
authorMarch 1, 2023

“How do you want to work?”

That’s the question Gerald Caron, former Chief Information Officer and Assistant Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, asks his organization when implementing Zero Trust security.

For Gerald, Zero Trust isn’t just for the cybersecurity or IT teams – it’s for everyone in an organization, as he shared with me on this week’s episode of The Segment: A Zero Trust Leadership Podcast. According to Gerald, this mindset can positively transform the ways organizations and their users think about the network and its security.

No longer does security have to be an afterthought that hinders performance and access. Gerald believes it can be an opportunity for better interoperability, better performance, and a better digital transformation process that puts security first rather than last.

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The Segment episode 3: Gerald Caron on Zero Trust in federal government

With over 24 years of information technology experience, Gerald began his career in the U.S. Army working in hands-on technical positions. He joined the federal government at the Department of State in 2003 as a systems administrator and has held five different positions at the department over the past two decades. He currently serves as the CIO for the International Trade Administration at the Department of Commerce.

Today, Gerald is joining us to discuss Zero Trust challenges and momentum at the federal level. We'll unpack how to manage operational risk, the role of data mapping in any successful Zero Trust strategy, and demonstrating ROI on your Zero Trust investments.

Check out these 5 takeaways from Gerald Caron in the episode

  • 5:00: Understanding your operational risk posture as a CIO
  • 9:52: What peanut butter, the cinema, and Zero Trust have in common
  • 14:10: Demystifying Zero Trust: Driving the adoption of ZT at the OIG
  • 18:40: Measuring progress and effectiveness
  • 25:53: Aligning Zero Trust with your company’s business strategy

Read the full transcript here.

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