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How Illumio Helps Promote Cloud Security Best Practices With the Cloud Security Alliance

Illumio is incredibly excited to announce that we’re joining the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) – the world’s leading organization dedicated to defining standards, certifications, and best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment.


By partnering with the CSA, we can help build and promote best practices for cloud security. Illumio, CSA, and CSA’s partners are committed to making the cloud safer.

Cloud growth causes widening security gaps  

As more organizations look to digitally transform and modernize, the public cloud plays an integral role in furthering those efforts.  

The cloud offers organizations unique benefits

  • Flexibility to scale services to fit their immediate needs, use customized applications and access the environment from anywhere with an internet connection.  
  • Agility to streamline work processes and use the most up-to-date tech with regular updates from the cloud provider. 
  • Cost effective efficiency for getting applications to market quickly without worrying about infrastructure costs or maintenance. 

As a result of these benefits, IDC expects the cloud workload security software market to grow from $2.2 billion in 2021 to $5.1 billion in 2026.  

But increased hybrid and multi-cloud deployments continue to introduce visibility gaps across application workloads, highlighting major security gaps across dispersed architectures. 

In fact, security remains one of organizations’ top hesitancies about full cloud adoption. 

Gaps in cloud security most often result in: 

  • Data loss and leakage. 
  • Loss of data privacy and confidentiality. 
  • Accidental exposure of credentials. 

Reducing these security risks in the cloud is an industry priority. 

Zero Trust: Integral to securing the cloud 

Trends like IT decentralization, infrastructure as code, the distributed enterprise, and accelerated hybrid and multi-cloud adoption continue to drive breaches in the cloud.  

That’s why Illumio is committed to helping more organizations of all sizes and industries contain threats in the cloud and across hybrid IT. We want to ensure organizations have minimal security risk so they can capitalize on growth and business innovation instead. 

We believe that Zero Trust, and an “assume breach” mindset, play an integral role in securing the cloud at scale. 

And as hybrid and multi-cloud adoption rises and cloud complexity increases, Zero Trust has increasingly become a best practice for building Cyber Resilience. 

The CSA aligns with Illumio on the importance of Zero Trust for resilience.  

“Creating an industry ‘north star’ for Zero Trust has huge implications in raising the cybersecurity baseline across the board and eliminating significant systemic risk,” says the CSA. 

Securing the cloud at scale with Zero Trust Segmentation 

Illumio’s mission is to prevent breaches from spreading with Zero Trust Segmentation, an essential technology pillar of Zero Trust. Zero Trust Segmentation prevents attacks from proliferating across and between cloud environments.  

As a partner with the CSA, Illumio will help the CSA with their goal to “build and evangelize authoritative Zero Trust best practices and tools.” 

We’re honored and excited to be joining the CSA community to help improve and promote Zero Trust best practices across the board. 

Learn more about Illumio's partnership with the CSA in this LinkedIn post from our CTO and cofounder, PJ Kirner.

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