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Illumio Endpoint Demo: Getting Quick Endpoint Segmentation ROI

authorMaarten Buis, Product Marketing Manager
authorMarch 16, 2023

Shifting segmentation from the network to the host has profound impact. This is not only because you no longer have to deal with IP addresses, but it also enables you to segment devices beyond the corporate network, such as workstations.

But what if we want the fastest segmentation outcome? For the quickest return on any segmentation journey, organizations must look at segmenting their endpoints.

Why it’s vital to have endpoint segmentation

Most attacks start by jumping from one endpoint to other endpoints in order to spread throughout the network. By rolling out segmentation to workstations and laptops, the spread of an inevitable breach can be stopped where they start.

The easiest ways to do this is by:

  • Controlling endpoint to endpoint traffic
  • Blocking commonly used ports used by attackers
  • Limiting access into the datacenter

Illumio Endpoint makes Zero Trust Segmentation easy

Illumio has a proven history of making segmentation in the data center at scale possible, no matter the complexity. Since the introduction of Illumio Endpoint, the same technology that stops any kind of breach spread in the data center is also available for workstations and laptops.

The only thing needed is the Illumio VEN (Illumio’s agent) installed on all Windows and Mac workstations and a few simple rules.

Not only does Illumio provide control over traffic without introducing latency or slowing down the CPU, Illumio Endpoint can also control how traffic is treated based on the location of the user. This means that when a user is in the office, the agent rolls out certain policies that control spread, but when the user is at home, updated policies can be applied. This way devices like printers and scanners keep on functioning in a home network while the risk from unknown network devices can be reduced by blocking incoming traffic, making the device invisible to other devices.

See Illumio Endpoint in action

But this is just the start. Take a look at the latest demo video by Illumio's Ben Harel, Head of MSP/MSSP Technical Sales, as he highlights how simple it is to roll out segmentation to endpoints.

In the video, Ben also covers how to create exceptions for administrators so designated teams still have access to RDP/SSH/WMI for troubleshooting.


With Illumio Endpoint you can:

  • Stop ransomware spread
  • Tightly control endpoint-to-server traffic
  • Stop endpoint-to-endpoint spread
  • Control admin access
  • Protect agentless devices
  • Protect against zero days
  • Contain breaches as they happen

Learn more about how Illumio Endpoint offers quick results in your journey towards Zero Trust.

Contact us today for a free demo and consultation with an Illumio Endpoint expert.

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