Illumio arbeitet mit IBM Security zusammen, um die Cyber-Resilienz moderner Unternehmen zu stärken

Neue Integration hilft Kunden dabei, Ransomware schnell zu erkennen, einzudämmen, darauf zu reagieren und sich davon zu erholen

Sunnyvale, CA — May 5, 2022 — Illumio, Inc., the Zero Trust Segmentation company, today announced an expanded relationship with IBM Security and a new integration between the companies’ technologies for advanced end-to-end threat detection and response. The integration combines IBM Security QRadar XDR with Segmentation from Illumio to provide pre-attack protections for accelerated detection and automated containment and remediation capabilities to help defend against the impacts of aggressive cyberattacks, including ransomware.

“In 2021, over half of organizations globally reported suffering a ransomware attack that blocked access to critical systems or data,” said Frank Dickson, Program Vice President at IDC. “As ransomware, and the attackers behind it, continues to plague every industry, organizations must act now to bolster cyber and business resiliency. The best way firms can safeguard their organizations is to address the five core elements of a ransomware attack: initial compromise, lateral movement, privilege escalation, data exfiltration and the encryption. Given the complexity and difficulty of the task, security tools should be adaptable, scalable and emphasize real-time visibility to enable real-time action.”

The integration provides customers with enhanced visibility into network traffic and can help limit the potential spread of attacks by segmenting application networks. When an intrusion takes place, an attacker’s external communication and movement throughout an organization’s network can be quickly detected, denied, and analyzed with the help of Illumio and QRadar SIEM. This centralized visibility and analysis can help with the detection of threats and ransomware that moves, often undetected, throughout organizations. Beyond detection, Illumio’s integration with QRadar SOAR enables incident responders to activate Illumio’s emergency ransomware containment controls in near real time, helping them to reduce the impact of ransomware and accelerate the eradication and recovery process.

“The onslaught of ransomware attacks demands end to end visibility, advanced analytics and automated actions based on an open platform – which are the foundational elements on which QRadar XDR was designed,” said Chris Meenan, VP of Product Management at IBM Security. “By leveraging its open architecture and segmentation platforms like Illumio, QRadar XDR helps customers achieve early detection, orchestration, and rapid, automated response to ransomware and other fast-moving attacks.”

“In February 2022, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency reported ransomware incidents against 14 of the 16 U.S. critical infrastructure sectors, which signals the urgent business resilience risk it poses,” said John Skinner, VP, Business Development at Illumio. “Not only is ransomware today becoming more sophisticated and targeted, but incident rates are climbing. Successful detection and response depends on segmentation aligned with Zero Trust principles to isolate and stop ransomware before it spreads. Together, Illumio and IBM Security are empowering organizations to minimize the business impact of devastating attacks by combatting known risks at every phase.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Illumio’s recognition as an IBM Security Services Global Alliance Program Emerging Partner.

To learn more about the Illumio and IBM Security QRadar XDR integration, visit: https://www.illumio.com/partners/tap/ibm-security

About Illumio

Illumio, the Zero Trust Segmentation company, prevents breaches from spreading and turning into cyber disasters. Illumio protects critical applications and valuable digital assets with proven segmentation technology purpose-built for the Zero Trust security model. Illumio ransomware mitigation and segmentation solutions see risk, isolate attacks, and secure data across cloud-native apps, hybrid and multi-clouds, data centers, and endpoints, enabling the world’s leading organizations to strengthen their cyber resiliency and reduce risk.

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