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6 Benefits of Illumio's Channel Partner Program

Illumio wants to defend as many organizations as possible against ransomware and other cyberattacks.

We can't do that without our channel partners.

This month, we hosted our first-ever global partner webinar to help inform partners about Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) and its partner program.

Watch the webinar here.

Keep reading to learn the six ways Illumio is working to support our partners.

1. Driving partner profitability

John Ryan, Illumio's VP of Global Channel Sales, outlined the ways Illumio helps partners maximize their investment in Illumio ZTS.

"We are very much of the idea that the focus partner approach is what works best," said Ryan. "We're not interested in onboarding 10,000 partners or just anybody that shows up. We take a very prescriptive approach."

This aligns with the importance of channel-sourced business for Illumio.

Ryan explained: "When it comes to channel-sourced business, it's our lifeblood. We reward our partners more significantly when business is brought to us, via both margin and SPIFFs. What that means specifically - and probably most importantly - is more margin."

2. Commitment to reciprocity

In a similar vein, Ryan highlighted the reciprocity that further characterizes Illumio's business practices with partners.

"It's something that we have tested out in certain theaters here at a Illumio, and it's something we're going to be moving forward with: reciprocity," said Ryan.

Illumio wants to invest in our focus partners - not just be another company looking for easy access to your customer base.

3. Free, frequent training and enablement

Practitioner enablement is another important aspect of Illumio's partnership focus.

Illumio offers free training at frequent intervals to ensure complete customer enablement as quickly and effectively as possible.

Ryan explained that Illumio "took our frontline team members from both pre- and post-sales and had them design the curriculum for you."

4. Security for the rapidly expanding attack surface

One of Illumio's predominant concerns is securing the rapidly expanding attack surfaces of today's hybrid networks.

"We've seen the way we've transformed data centers from physical to virtual. And then from virtual on-premises to virtual off-premises to cloud. So, we have this truly hybrid infrastructure of endpoints existing potentially anywhere," said Raghu Nandakumara, Illumio's Senior Director for Industry Solutions Marketing.

Nandakumara referenced the alarming data stemming from these new vulnerabilities.

"76% of organizations were attacked by ransom in the last 2 years," he said. "Ransomware is still the most topical thing that is top of mind for the large percentage of our customers and prospects. They're asking, 'How do I protect my organization from this very real threat?'"

5. Containing inevitable breaches when prevention and detection aren't enough

Nandakumara went on to highlight the shifting landscape of cybersecurity, one that's headed in the direction of breach containment.

Traditional, reactive security methods like prevention and detection aren't enough for today's sophisticated breaches - breaches keep happening. That's why modern organizations are turning towards breach containment with ZTS.

"Assuming that the unexpected is going to happen, what's important is being able to limit the impact of a breach and stop its spread so that the rest of the organization can continue to remain productive," explained Nandakumara.

Illumio's mission is to enable every organization to realize a future without high-profile breaches, and that happens through ZTS.

6. A dedicated managed services program

Illumio has designed our managed services program to be flexible, convenient, and easy to use.

"We want to offer as much enablement as possible for you and your technical and sales teams," said Ben Harel, Head of MSP/MSSP Technical Sales at Illumio.

Illumio's managed services program features:

  • A dedicated support and enablement team
  • Complete access to Illumio's global support for escalations
  • Easy integration with common managed services toolsets
  • Free training and certification

"This program is designed by you for you," said Harel.

Interested in becoming an Illumio partner? Join the Illumio Partner Program today.

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