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Illumio at Microsoft Ignite 2022: Simple Breach Containment to Protect Azure Assets

We’re excited to be at the hybrid Microsoft Ignite 2022 conference on October 12-13.  

At this year’s free online event and in-person on the show floor, we’ll demonstrate the power of using Illumio’s best-in-class Zero Trust Segmentation with Azure security capabilities to secure your infrastructure. Together, Illumio and Microsoft help ensure that a breach doesn’t become a system-wide failure. 

Make sure to register for the conference. 

Here’s more about our partnership with Microsoft and what to expect from Illumio at this year’s event.

Microsoft + Illumio: Zero Trust Segmentation for Azure infrastructures 

Microsoft is an established leader in security and continues to make advances to support Azure customers.  

From network security with strong offerings for firewall, network security groups, and DDoS protection to Sentinel and Defender for SIEM and EDR, Microsoft Azure customers gain the benefits of prevention, detection, and response capabilities.   

Narayan Annamalai, Microsoft’s partner product manager for Azure SDN and network security, will preview new solutions and capabilities from the Microsoft Network Security team during his talk at the conference. He will paint a picture of the future direction that his group is moving to enable. This includes an even bigger focus on Zero Trust which is at the heart of the partnership between our companies.  

During Narayan’s talk, PJ Kirner, Illumio’s co-founder and CTO, will join to discuss our joint vision and goals. Make sure you catch the on-demand session featuring Narayan and PJ from 9am PT on Wednesday, October 12 here.  

Illumio enables Microsoft Azure customers to contain breaches and stop the spread of ransomware by leveraging Zero Trust Segmentation. Illumio Core for Azure workloads brings ZTS to Azure’s infrastructure-as-a-service platform. Illumio CloudSecure then adds ZTS for managed servers, managed databases, and other infrastructure that are not agent compatible.  

The solution simplifies the development and management of security policy across Azure and hybrid environments. It has been proven to eliminate the ability of threats to spread. 

Join Illumio virtually at Microsoft Ignite 2022 

Microsoft Ignite is a unique event – it's one of the few in our industry that’s purpose-made to be a hybrid event. 

While there are in-person sessions related to this year’s conference in Seattle and other locations, the main conference will take place online. Microsoft partners like Illumio are building truly meaningful online presences.  

In Illumio’s virtual booth, you’ll find information about Illumio, our Zero Trust Segmentation platform, and how we’re helping organizations stop the spread of breaches.  

Illumio will be also hosting: 

  • A webinar with Ryan Ikeler, Illumio’s head of MSP/MSSP channel 
  • A 20-minute, on-demand session with Erika Bagby, a senior product marketing manager at Illumio, titled “Generate the Confidence to Operate in the Cloud with Cloud-Native Visibility and Control” 
  • Several demos of the Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation Platform 

Are you registered for Microsoft Ignite 2022? If so, email [email protected] between October 11-November 30 to become an Illumio Design Partner and receive Illumio CloudSecure FREE for 6 months.

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