Brooks Runs to Illumio to Stop Ransomware from Spreading with Zero Trust Segmentation

Brooks now protects business-critical applications and high-value assets with the Illumio ZTS Platform

Sunnyvale, CA – November 1, 2022Illumio Inc., the Zero Trust Segmentation company, today announced Brooks, one of the largest footwear brands, selected Illumio Core to reduce its risk from cyberattacks like ransomware. Brooks uses the Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) Platform to proactively prevent potential breaches from spreading across the hybrid attack surface in order to bolster the organization’s resilience.

Brooks’ mission is to build great running shoes and gear so its customers can focus on one thing: running. To design and deliver exceptional running shoes, Brooks needs to keep its hybrid IT operational and assets secure. As Brooks continues to grow, it consistently puts the runner first and understands the importance of keeping its data secure, not just for its own operations, but for preserving the integrity of its customer data as well.

The challenge is that as organizations become more interconnected and the attack surface grows, cyber and ransomware attacks are on the rise. In fact, ESG found that 76 percent of organizations have experienced a breach in the last two years. To combat the growing risk, organizations like Brooks are turning to Zero Trust Segmentation, a modern security approach that contains and minimizes the impact of breaches.  

Brooks uses Illumio Core to visualize all communication and traffic, both known and unknown, between workflows, devices, and the internet in their network. Then, it uses that data to determine where to set granular segmentation policies to restrict unnecessary and unwanted communications.  

Unlike other security tools that often break applications, Brooks can test the impact Illumio ZTS will have on its environment before pushing the controls live. This gives the security team the confidence they need to deploy Zero Trust Segmentation throughout the company’s hybrid IT sooner, thereby improving resilience to attacks more quickly and efficiently. This is why research shows organizations can save up to $20 million per year with ZTS.

“Illumio is a strategic technology in our work to protect the business against ransomware, which is a top priority not only for my team, but the company overall. Ransomware attacks can have a major impact on retail brands – they can limit our availability, halt operations, and damage our trust with customers,” said Ryan Fried, Senior Security Engineer at Brooks. “Illumio provided value to Brooks right out of the box, with a visualization of our risk across the network. With Zero Trust Segmentation, we’re able to automate and create segmentation policies which control unwanted communications and proactively contain a potential breach to limit its impact on the organization.”

“At a time when cyberattacks are a constant and daily occurrence, organizations are looking for simple, reliable, and modern approaches to reduce risk. Zero Trust Segmentation isolates attacks so they cannot spread across your hybrid attack surface, which drastically limits their impact,” said PJ Kirner, CTO and Co-founder at Illumio. “As a major retailer, Brooks has a responsibility to both keep its customers’ data secure and its own operations running. At Illumio, we’re proud to help Brooks fulfill its mission and foster trust with customers by building resilience throughout its network.”

Learn more about Brooks’ story here: https://resources.illumio.com/resources/brooks-makes-strides-in-security-strategy-with-illumio. For more information about the Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation Platform, visit: https://www.illumio.com/products.  

About Illumio  

Illumio, the Zero Trust Segmentation Company, stops breaches from spreading across the hybrid attack surface. The Illumio ZTS Platform visualizes all traffic flows between workloads, devices, and the internet, automatically sets granular segmentation policies to control communications, and isolates high-value assets and compromised systems proactively or in response to active attacks. Illumio protects organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 100 to small business, by stopping breaches and ransomware in minutes, saving millions of dollars in application downtime, and accelerating cloud and digital transformation projects.

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