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The 5 Best Zero Trust Tips from Infosys CISO Vishal Salvi

authorRaghu Nandakumara, Senior Director, Head of Industry Solutions
authorMarch 16, 2023

Every year there’s a new security strategy, but the fundamentals of good cyber hygiene remain the same. Every organization should make sure they’re doing routine tasks like patching systems and backing up data.

Another one of these fundamentals is Zero Trust: making sure nothing is granted implicit access on the network.

Tactics like these are what Vishal Salvi, Chief Information Security Officer and Head of the Cybersecurity Practice at Infosys, calls “doing the boring stuff.” It’s often thankless, and not always the most glamorous of tasks, but doing these little things right contributes exponentially to building cyber resilience.

Vishal sat down with me to discuss his approach to getting security fundamentals like Zero Trust right in the new episode of The Segment: A Zero Trust Leadership Podcast.

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The Segment episode 4: Vishal Salvi on The Evolving CISO

As the Chief Information Security Officer and Head of the Cybersecurity Practice at Infosys, Vishal is responsible for overseeing the overall security strategy and its implementation across the business.

Prior to joining Infosys, Vishal held various leadership roles in cybersecurity and information technology at PWC, Standard Chartered Bank, Crompton Greaves, and many others.

In this episode, Vishal discusses the evolution of the CISO over the past 25 years, getting ROI from your security stack, and why being consistent with the boring things matters most.

Vishal shares these 5 insights in the episode

  • 6:02: Evolving as the profession evolves
  • 9:30: Being an empathetic business leader
  • 16:30: Back to basics, “doing the boring stuff right”
  • 20:52: Democratizing cybersecurity within your organization
  • 31:50: How to maximize your cyber investments

Read the full episode transcript here.

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