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Oracle NetSuite Protects Flagship Business Applications With Illumio

Find out how SaaS leader Oracle NetSuite improves security and uptime for 7,500 application workloads with real-time visibility and Zero Trust segmentation.

Solution Brief

Essential Cybersecurity Controls for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Illumio Zero Trust segmentation isolates ransomware attacks and helps organizations comply with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC-1: 2018)


The Zero Trust Cure for Ransomware Threats Q&A

Valuable perspectives from Forrester analyst Allie Mellen from the Illumio webinar "The Zero Cure for Ransomware Threats"

Solution Brief

Securing Higher Education’s Vital Data With Illumio

Security breaches can slow the IT operations of colleges and universities to a crawl. But Zero Trust security isolates attackers and keeps learning on pace.

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Illumio Keeps Critical National Infrastructure Up, Running and Compliant

Water utilities, manufacturing facilities and power supplies make tempting cyber targets. Now they can be secured with Zero Trust segmentation.


Trusting Zero Trust

Key takeaways from a new study on the adoption of Zero Trust security and micro-segmentation

Solution Brief

Illumio: The Prescription for Healthcare Cybersecurity

Keeping patient records, administrative systems and medical devices up and running is vital. Illumio Zero Trust segmentation provides the security needed to ensure confidence and care.

Solution Brief

Compliance With Gulf States Data Protection Laws

Illumio Zero Trust segmentation helps organizations safeguard sensitive data and comply with new data protection regulations in Gulf States


3 Steps to Stopping Ransomware

Most ransomware follows the same attack pattern. Learn how to easily stop it.


5 Things You Might Not Know About Cloud Security

Though cloud providers offer help, the cloud comes with security challenges too often overlooked.

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