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ESG on Moving From an Open Network to a Highly Segmented Model

 John Grady, senior analyst at ESG, discusses the role of micro-segmentation in Zero Trust and its rate of adoption.


Validated Zero Trust 101 Guide

Learn what a "validated Zero Trust" state entails, and the technologies and practical steps needed to achieve it.

Research Report

Forrester Report: A Practical Guide To A Zero Trust Implementation

 Get Forrester's guide on how to build a roadmap for implementing Zero Trust.

Research Report

The Current State of Zero Trust in the United Kingdom

This report sums up a survey on approaches to Zero Trust among U.K. organisations and opportunities for better security.

White Paper

5 New Rules to Protect Your Data Centers and Cloud Environments

Discover the five new rules to secure today's hybrid networks based on a simplified approach to segmentation.

Solution Brief

Visibility and Ransomware Containment

Illumio quickly and easily pinpoints systems at risk and isolates breaches to keep your organization safe

White Paper

Curb Malware Spread with Comprehensive Visibility and Allow-List Policy Control

 IDC evaluates endpoint security risks and the need for visibility and zero trust allow-list controls to stop malware.

Customer Story

West Bend Mutual Insurance Has Segmentation in the Cloud Covered with Illumio

Find out how WBMI used Illumio Core to overcome cloud migration challenges posed by hypervisor-based segmentation.

Product Datasheet

Illumio Core and Illumio Edge

Learn how Illumio Core and Illumio Edge prevent lateral movement, effectively stopping the spread of ransomware.

Product Datasheet

Illumio Core for Endpoints

Learn how to simplify and speed your path to Zero Trust segmentation across endpoint devices, data centers, and clouds.

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