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Brooks Makes Strides in Security Strategy With Illumio

Quickly shrinking its attack surface and reducing risk from ransomware
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ServiceNow Finds the Smarter Way to Segment Using Illumio

Protecting critical systems across Azure, AWS, and on-premises data centers
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Telhio Secures Its Growth With Illumio

Segmenting end-user devices and servers to ensure breaches don’t reach customer data
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How Illumio Lowers ACH Group’s Cyber Risk — With Nearly Zero Overhead

Illumio helps Australian aged care provider build its cyber resilience with Zero Trust Segmentation
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Dutch Municipality Bolsters Defense-in-Depth With Zero Trust

Zero Trust Segmentation saved the major European city millions in both hardware and headcount costs
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Top Health Insurance Provider Boosts Cyber Resilience With Illumio

Zero Trust Segmentation provides an additional layer of protection for the insurer’s critical systems
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HGC Accelerates Zero Trust Journey With Illumio

Telecommunications leader advanced its Zero Trust posture with Illumio while reducing operational effort by 25%
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Ixom Achieves Secure Segmentation Across Environments With Illumio

Leading chemical manufacture prevents unauthorized access to critical systems with Zero Trust Segmentation
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Investa Adds Microsegmentation to Security Portfolio

Segmentation helps one of Australia's largest commercial real estate firms protect critical applications
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Frankfurter Volksbank Invests in Illumio for
Compliance Success

The cooperative universal bank filled a massive gap, meeting regulatory requirements with cutting-edge microsegmentation
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AFA Försäkring Protects Against Lateral Movement With Illumio

Major Swedish insurer uses microsegmentation to secure critical applications and comply with GDPR
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Stowe Australia Malware-Proofs Data Centers With Illumio

Private electrical contractor avoided manually programming firewalls and got segmentation up and running in a day
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Illumio Provides Innovative Microsegmentation Solution for Mondi Group

Leader in packaging and paper solutions gained insights into globally distributed network that it had sought for years
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SaaS Giant Secures High-Value Assets at Scale With Illumio

Potential crisis turned to opportunity when segmentation was decoupled from the network, enabling improved DevOps
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Fortune 500 SaaS Player Finalizes Acquisition With Illumio

Top SaaS company successfully integrates systems under board-level scrutiny, without compromising performance or...
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