Illumio Edge Key Features

Illumio Edge gives IT and security teams an easy path to Zero Trust. By only allowing inbound traffic from approved applications, all other connections are denied by default. This built-in control cuts down on disruptions, tickets, and day-to-day operational overhead. And empowers you to quickly gain trust within your organization that you’re more resilient than ever to ransomware and malware attacks.

3 easy steps to Zero Trust

Follow quick guided steps to (1) set up groups and select the services you want to allow, (2) select permitted IP ranges, (3) test and confirm your Zero Trust policies, then enforce – in as many minutes.




Endpoint-to-endpoint visibility

Use Explorer to easily visualize network traffic to understand activity and design informed policy.


Communication insights at a glance

Check in on your dashboard to get quick insights into any blocked inbound connections to help avoid business disruption.


Zero touch to the network

No need for NAC to segment your network. Enforce at the edge – no hardware required.


Painless policy model

See quick time-to-value. No help desk calls about interrupted productivity.


Lightweight and out of sight

Invisible to users, with no load on the system or disruption to the business.


Cloud-based all the way

Runs on our Secure Cloud instance – to be everywhere your endpoints are.

Illumio Edge Architecture

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